Artist “Alexi”

Artist Alexi Fine is an Advocate of Impressionism with a modern twist..

A true love affair with color and emotion describes the substance of Alexi’s work.

Alexi has been painting for over 25 years, mentored by Belgium artist Monique Baudaux for 20 years. Studied with Ovanes Berberian, and Karl Dempwolf and studied at Scottsdale Art School.

Commanding yet gentle landscapes, bright and colorful still life and modern abstracts are her passions.

To seek inspiration in search of subject, light, and color artist Alexi Fine travels and paints from amazing places like Tuscany-Italy, Giverny-France, New Orleans-Louisiana, Carmel, California.

With numerous exhibitions to her credit, artist ALEXI FINE’S art is internationally collected.

Artist Alexi Fine welcomes your comments on what images you like best and would like to hear from you. She can be reached at

Many of her paintings are open for sale and would encourage you to contact artist Alexi to discuss the possibility of a purchase or a personalized commission. ALL PAINTINGS CAN BE PURCHASED THROUGH PAYPAL WITH FREE SHIPPING.